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Review of Michael Hornbuckles' latest release, SoulRepo

December 31, 2016 by Joseph Timmons 

"Unlike albums that are just a “plop” of anger and anguish on a black gold platter, the songs are wonderfully mixed into the life story, the living image of a man possessed by his heart, a heart the builds and destroys itself, over and over until, it gets itself right with the world."

Michael Hornbuckle - SoulRepo - New Release review

Bman's Blues Report DECEMBER 27, 2016

"My absolute favorite track on the release, Angel, is a super soul track with a beautiful melody and smooth smooth feel. Hornbuckle shows his vocal range and also nice dynamics on the guitar."

Michael Hornbuckle on SoulRepo The Interview

November 2, 2016 IndiePulse Music Magazine 

"...a lot of the same subject matter appears, in the general sense of overcoming personal and collective obstacles. Like being a total fool for a fast woman, or being broke and trying to make a buck in this world without having to commit a felony."

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